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Tutoring Services 

Orton-Gillingham Reading Tutoring 

K-12th Grade 

After an initial intake assessment, students receive Orton-Gillingham Structured Literacy instruction using an IDA and IMSLEC accredited curriculum to support phonological awareness and processing abilities and strengthen decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) skills. Instruction is systematic, multi-sensory and tailored to each student's current reading abilities and instructional needs. Students will engage in meaningful literacy experiences to build fluency, vocabulary knowledge, sight word automaticity, spelling strategies, handwriting, reading comprehension and writing skills. For students with characteristics of dyslexia, a minimum of two sessions a week is highly recommended to maximize learning progress. 

Writing Matters! 

3rd-12th Grade

Becoming an effective writer begins with understanding why writing well matters and how it applies to real life. During these tutoring sessions, students will develop an authentic writing project to achieve specific literacy goals, discover their writing voices, ponder questions, and explore real world interests. Real life writing projects may include reflective, informative, evaluative, analytical, persuasive, inquiry-based, and creative writing pieces. Advanced grammar and vocabulary study will be integrated during the writing process. 

Read, Write, Study, Learn: Language Arts Tutoring

3rd-12th Grade

Through a customized learning plan, students will work on strengthening reading comprehension, fluency, and writing skills to support the demands of understanding and responding to increasingly complex texts and content area learning.  Areas covered may include reading for learning, summarizing, effective note-taking, organizing for writing, grammar, editing skills, study techniques, test-taking strategies, and structured word inquiry to build spelling and vocabulary knowledge. This course can be tailored to support school work & homework assignments. Students will also develop self-reflection and self-advocacy skills to support learning.  

Read, Write, Ready, Go: Early Literacy Learning


Playful, engaging and structured early literacy activities will build phonemic awareness, alphabet knowledge, print concepts, fine motor and early handwriting skills, language, and other kindergarten readiness skills. While these experiences are beneficial for all children, they are particularly recommended for children who demonstrate early indicators of phonological difficulty and/or language delay. Students will be hard at work building kindergarten readiness skills, but it will feel like child's play! 

Writing SOS

9th-12th Grade

These tutoring sessions are designed for high school students looking to strengthen and hone their writing skills. Students will receive individualized writing support based on their goals and specific course assignments,  whether working on an English literary analysis paper, IB research project, a college application essay, or pursuing a personal writing project. While sessions are individually tailored to support specific needs and assignments, common areas of focus include voice, style, clarity, coherence, advanced sentence structure, vocabulary, research skills, MLA & APA citation format, grammar and editing. 

Raising Readers: Parent Information Series  

Individual meetings and group presentations arranged on an hourly basis, subject to availability and tailored to your individual concerns. Topics include understanding signs and effects of dyslexia, current brain research, supporting literacy development at home, dysgraphia, navigating school 504 accommodation plans & IEPs, and accessing available resources for students with dyslexia. 

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